miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009

Otro libro

Os voy a recomendar otro libro , este es corto . Por cierto , a los que estáis esperando el de Gordo sed pacientes , todo llega.
Bueno , el libro al que me refiero está escrito por un tal Chuckie V ,ex-campeón ironman , entrenador y todo un genio en esto de escribir blogs .
El libro es corto y se llama "La dieta que puede salvar tu vida" , está en inglés , os copio y pego el texto entero del "libro" (4 capítulos):

"1) You exercise. A lot. Naturally, a lot, when you've been doing none whatsoever, might be very little. All the same, you fatsos need to at least attempt to work up a sweat. Sweat, after all, is a good indicator of work, just as panting is. Start panting and drop a pant size! And forget all this BS about asking your physician before starting an exercise program! My guess is that he's also a fat-ass. And anyway, he's only going to tell you of the risks you may face while exercising. Of course, in order to exercise, you must "find the time". But this is the thing: the time is there, all right. And if it isn't, your time will run out that much sooner.

2) When you're hungry, you eat. But! There's a catch! You're only allowed to ingest real food. "Real food" is food that was recently ALIVE and was available only to our caveman brethren: vegetables, meats, eggs, fish, fruit, nuts, seeds and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I kid about that last one, of course. Don't be tempted, you weak-willed monstrous maggots.

3) When you're not hungry---get this---you DON'T eat. Hunger is a signal that you should probably eat. Appetite, on the other hand, is not. REQUIRING AND DESIRING CALORIES ARE TWO DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT THINGS, FATSO. Develop an understanding on the difference between the two and recognize when you require food, not when you desire it. By the way, you NEVER require chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

4) You are to drink lots of water, and only water. Frappuccinos, soda pops, another animal's milk, soy "milk", smoothies, shakes, teas, alcohol, juices and other liquids should not replace your daily water requirements. Your body is nearly 2/3rds water (and if you're American most of that is stored within the copious amounts of adipose enveloping you!) and you need to maintain this balance."

La vida es sencilla ,por qué complicarla .

3 comentarios:

  1. ¿Ya está? Pues qué cortos se me han hecho los cuatro capítulos. Sigue, profesor.

  2. Y está demostrado que comiendo sólo cuando es necesario se pueden vivir mucho años, esquimales, dinastías chinas, tribus india...

  3. ¿Paleodieta?

    Estoy con el azafato, escribe más, anda...